Multi Channel Marketing Analytics
With Realtime Lead Generation

smtrac is a web-based analytics application, which enables you to:

  • analyse the multi channel performance of your marketing campaigns
  • discover which marketing channel delivers the maximum ROI
  • create hot leads by identifying the companies who respond to your marketing campaigns

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Features Include...

  • Multichannel Analysis

    Identify the most cost effective marketing channel by comparing responses across web, social media, email & even print in the same campaign.

  • See Visitor Details

    Identify who is responding to marketing campaigns to company level, generating warm leads for the business.

  • Geo-Activity

    Analyse the geographical distribution of visitors to identify your most responsive and profitable markets.

  • Calculate Actual Costs

    By setting a budget per channel, smtrac can calculate the actual cost per visit, visitor and conversion such as page views, sign ups, downloads and e-commerce transactions.

  • Works on Any Device

    smtrac is a web-based application and works on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. So you can monitor campaigns on the go.

  • Affordable

    Worried about costs? We have packages are tailored to suit different sizes of business, starting from £50 per month.

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